About us

We serve an Italian lifestyle – from behind the scenes

Trattoria VENEZIA is a culinary and architectural place inspired not only by Venice itself but also by sunny Italy in the full sense of the word. Venice as a city of lovers, infected us with a love for excellent cuisine and the desire to share this passion with our guests. It charmed us with the breathtaking architecture and lifestyle of the residents – from hospitality and joy, to Italian temperament and love of food. Trattoria VENEZIA was created from the combination of all these elements, creating a place typical for the local area. We are very pleased that the guests of our restaurant can move to the picturesque land of lakes, mountains, magnificent cuisine, aromatic wine and oil, where time flows slower.

Why Italian cuisine? We loved the kitchen straight from Italy, on the one hand for simplicity and naturalness, on the other for the depth of flavors, their uniqueness and variety. The place we have created gives us the opportunity to share our fascination with what is Italian, especially in the area of ​​the cuisine and even the ceremonial approach to eating. The traditional Italian meal consists of several parts that form: appetizer (antipasti), first course (primi piatti), main course (secondi piatti) and dessert (dolci). All meals are eaten slowly, and their intrinsic element is loud conversations, laughter and a huge dose of expression.

Dolce far niente, sweet “doing nothing” in the Italian edition

Dolce far niente is a concept that perfectly reflects the Italian mentality and approach to everyday life. The sweet “doing nothing” is accompanied by blissful relaxation and the pleasure of what is “here and now” – the joy of eating, spending time with loved ones, just the joy of “being.” In our restaurant, we share the idea of ​​ dolce far niente , giving guests a place where they can not only eat well, but also indulge in the moment and forget about the whole world. We attach great importance to the quality of ingredients from which we create our dishes. We always choose the best Italian products that come from small, family farms with many years of tradition. It is from them that we extract the best taste, composing simple and typically Italian dishes.

We offer our guests atmospheric spaces and over 330 places, including the garden and courtyard during the summer season. In our shop we offer products that we use to prepare dishes, i.e .: fresh vegetables and fruits, cheese, oil, and that will help in creating Italian dishes in your own home!

300 places in the summer season
15 years of experience
3 stylish, atmospheric rooms
+20 Italian wines in the card